MedDiet Can Promote Healthier Aging | Mindful Monday

A recent study published by BMJ Journals – Gut indicates that enjoying a Mediterranean diet (MedDiet) can promote healthier aging.

The study was conducted over a 12 month period across a large cohort of more than 600 individuals aged 65–79 years, within 5 different European countries (UK, France, Netherlands, Italy, and Poland). The researchers evaluated the differences in the gut microbiota in each individual before and after the year of consuming a MedDiet.

The results indicate that consuming a MedDiet improved cognitive function and the gut microbiome of those in the study. 

The positive effects of these alterations showed that there was an increase in fatty acid production and a decrease in “secondary bile acids, p-cresols, ethanol, and carbon dioxide.” These changes were associated with lower frailty and improved cognitive function and an overall decrease in inflammatory markers, such as C-reactive protein and interleukin-17.

This study shows that changing to a MedDiet can have a positive impact on people as they age.

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