Nordic Diet – Better than Mediterranean?

Developed in tandem by scientists, nutritionists, and chefs, the Nordic diet was designed to enhance the nutritional intake of people in Scandinavian Countries. The Nordic diet is similar to the Mediterranean diet in that it promotes healthy lifestyle habits like choosing local, fresh ingredients and pairing diet with active habits like bicycling and walking.

The Nordic diet’s aim is to limit sugar and highly processed foods while emphasizing whole and minimally processed foods; high-fiber vegetables, whole grains, fruit, dense breads (pumpernickel/real sourdough), fish, low-fat dairy, lean meats of all types, beans and lentils, tofu, skinless poultry, and fermented foods.

The Nordic Diet ratio recommends 50% of calories from high fiber carbs, 25% lean protein, and 25% from mostly plant based fats. Fermented foods — fish, vegetables and dairy — also play a strong role, as do herbs and spices

A caveat is if you live in a warmer climate, some of the Nordic foods may be difficult to find, so the Mediterranean diet may be better. Also, registered dietitian Layne Lieberman advises limiting cured fish which is high in salt, sugar, and often nitrates. Read more about the Nordic diet here.

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