One Stop Shopping | Free CDCES Coach App for Diabetes Educators

Our CDCES Coach App is FREE for you to use, providing powerful study tools and clinical resources on the go. App includes:

  • Diabetes Meds PocketCards™
  • Question of the Week and Free Practice Tests  
  • ADA Standard of Care
  • Free webinars on CDCES, BC-ADM Exam, Language, Mindfulness and more!

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We are excited to share DANA’s exceptional review of our app!

AADE’s Diabetes Advanced Network Access (DANA) reviewed our app and noted exceptional functionality! Plus, the CDCES Coach app received the prestigious mWellth certification.

DANA has deemed it the “ultimate one stop shop for practical tools to prepare for the CDCES exam.”

“The app offers a wide array of features depending upon the needs of the user from drug pocket cards to online university classes. This broad and varied spectrum of services lets the user find exactly what they need to become a CDCES.”

DANA Enhanced App Rating

We want to make our CDCES Coach app even better.

If you have used our app, please take this two minute survey.

We will award $50 off our San Diego Live Seminar registration fee, and award a free PocketCard to eligible entries! To be eligible:

  • Survey must be completed by August 16, 2019.
  • Every question must be completed, including examples or details
  • N/A and “none” do not qualify as answers

Please be sure to download our app and try it out before you submit your feedback.

We promise to read and carefully consider all of your feedback and suggestions for future app updates.

Email for a discount code if you believe you meet the eligibility criteria above.

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