Perhaps Carbs aren’t the enemy after all!

Many popularized western diets promote a low-carb/high-protein diet for weight loss, however, recent studies show that a low-carb diet can actually increase your mortality risk. The study suggests that a low-carb diet can be just as detrimental to your long-term health as a high-carb diet. 

Multiple studies with over 400k participants, “suggest a U-shaped relationship between life expectancy and overall carbohydrate intake, in which lifespan is greatest among people with 50%-55% carbohydrate intake, a level that might be considered moderate in North America and Europe but low in other regions, such as Asia,” study authors wrote.

Despite many popularized diets such as the paleo or keto diet, substituting carbohydrates with animal-based protein actually increased mortality risks, study finds. When carbohydrates were replaced with plant-based protein (nuts, vegetables, whole-grain bread), mortality risks decreased. According the to the study, the popularity of the “low-carb” diet is mainly due to the short-term weight loss vs. long term health outcomes. 

We should still pay attention to what type of carbohydrates we are consuming, but skipping them all together for a long-term weight loss solution may not be the answer. Rather, according to this study, if you are looking to replace carbohydrates or cut back, choose plant protein over animal-based proteins to decrease your mortality risk and improve your outcomes!

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