“Re-opened convenience store brings healthy options to South L.A.”

South L.A. has been burdened with limited access to fresh and healthy foods for years. Hank’s Mini Market, a locally owned store originally opened in 1997, has decided  to introduce more wholesome and healthy foods to the area. The small corner store has partnered with Sweetgreen and California FreshWorks Fund to provide the community with  produce that is both fresh and affordable.

South Los Angeles, famous for the 1992 LA Riots, is often referred to as a food desert. The American Nutrition Association defines this as “a place where residents lack access to fresh fruit, vegetables, and other healthy whole foods. Food deserts generally occur in low-income areas where fast food is easier to find than an affordable grocery store.”

The hope for this grocery store’s transformation, is to allow the community to have access the healthy foods which will greatly impact their quality of life and reduce risk of diet-related diseases. The store is also providing a space for local art in hopes that it will help to build a sense of community.

The owner of the corner store states, “we should be able to shop locally, we should have nice spaces, we are deserving.” She is hoping that the transformation of her family-owned store will encourage others to demand more from their community and encourage change.

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