Question of the Week Rationale!

Question of the Week Rationale 


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Question of the Week – October 31st – test your knowledge before seeing answer below! 



How do humans establish the majority of their gut microbiome?

a. Through the foods they eat before the age of 10

b. By a combination of birth method, foods and environment

c. Mostly through genetics and stress levels

d. By exposure to animals and foreign bodies

How did your answer compare?

Correct Answer:  b. By a combination of birth method, foods and environment

But why? 


The human microbiome is established by the about the age of three through the following:

Birth method – babies born vaginally are exposed to healthy lactobacillus as they travel through the birth canal. Babies born via C-Section are exposed to the skin bacteria from the person delivering the baby (usually staphylococcus).

Breast fed– breast milk contain a myriad of healthy bacteria and food (oligosaccharides) to feed the bacteria and support intestinal microbial diversity.

Environment – this includes exposure to animals, other children, foods (fresh or packaged), time spent indoors and outdoors, antibiotic use and more.

This infographic is an excellent summary on strategies to promote a healthy microbiome to our future generations. It is based early research by Dr. Maria Gloria Dominguez-Bello, an associate professor in the Human Microbiome Program at the NYU School of Medicine. She is testing a fast and easy work-around called the “gauze-in-the-vagina technique” for women that need C-section delivery.

Be reassured that it is never too late to improve the health of your microbial friends. 

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