Certification Help – 2 FREE Webinars to Prep for CDCES or BC-ADM

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If you are considering taking the CDCES or BC-ADM Exam, we have great news. We are offering 2 different webinars that provide you with the study prep information and tools you need to propel across the finish line.

As health care professionals, we value your limited study time by offering evidence-based content carefully crafted for exam success with direct application to your clinical practice. Please let us know if we can be of any help on your journey!

Warmly, Coach Beverly and Bryanna

Preparing for BC-ADM FREE Webinar
September 20th at 11:30am PST

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We hope you can join us live. But, if not, no worries.
We will send you a link to the recorded version within 24 hours of airing.

Preparing for the CDCES Exam FREE Webinar
September 22 at 11:30am PST

This course will transform your test anxiety into calm self-confidence and test-taking readiness.

Join Coach Bev Live – September 22, 2022 at 11:30am

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We hope you can join us live. But, if not, no worries.
We will send you a link to the recorded version within 24 hours of airing.

Instructor: Beverly Thomassian RN, MPH, CDCES, BC-ADM is a working educator who has passed her CDCES Exam 6 times and first earned her BC-ADM credential 20 years ago. She is a nationally recognized diabetes expert for over 25 years.

Virtual and Online Certification Education Options

3 Day Intensive: Virtual DiabetesEd Specialist Conference |Oct. 12-14th
This Virtual Training Conference streams LIVE in October. Invite your friends to enjoy a group discount. Plus, save on travel costs and enjoy conference interactivity through demonstrations, games and Q&A sessions. Our Deluxe Conference Package includes a 100+ page printed syllabus, Med PocketCards, ADA Standards and swag. This advanced level course features 3 expert speakers who translate the ADA Standards, Meds, Technology, Complications, Nutrition Therapy and more. Join us to get recharged or to prepare for certification.

Self-Study Online Certification Bundles: 

These courses are designed to walk participants through the knowledge needed to succeed at either the CDCES or BC-ADM certification exams. Viewed at your convenience and pace, each module contains poll questions, case studies and real life situations that prepare participants for clinical situations as well as the exams. Students consistently state that our online courses not only helped them achieve certification, they also provided valuable insights into providing effective diabetes care. See more info below.

All hours earned count toward your CDCES Accreditation Information

Free Certification Resources

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