FREE Self-Care Goal Sheet – Now In Spanish

We are excited to share this FREE Diabetes Self-Care Goal Sheet that you can customize for your practice.

Setting realistic person-centered goals is a critical part of providing diabetes education care and support. We have created a goal sheet that you can use in your practice to capture the next steps toward improving self-care. 

You can customize this sheet with your logo and contact information or just download and print the PDF to get started. No permission is needed. We are delighted to share these sheets with you.

Start small and Build on Success

Taking on a new behavior is not easy.

By careful coaching, we can help participants create goals that are REALLY achievable and important to the individual.

For example, someone says they want to “eat more healthfully”, then we can ask, “What would that look like for you?”. They might reply, “I want to eat for more fruits and vegetables instead of junk food”. To get more specific, we can discuss how many servings of fruit and vegetables a day do they think would be realistic? We can encourage individuals to start with one to two servings a day and gradually increase portions as the person gains more confidence in their ability.

To help build success, we may want to emphasize that is doesn’t matter whether people consume fresh, frozen or canned fruits and vegetables. They all offer similar nutrient values. The main consideration is highlighting affordable and appealing fruits and veggies based on the individuals’ taste and preferences.

This simple goal sheet can help capture the negotiated goals and follow-up care activities. This checklist of activities can also be reminders for us to discuss eye and foot care, plus oral hygiene and vaccinations too.

Self-Care Cheat Sheets in English

Self-Care Cheat Sheets in Spanish

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