Flower Scholarships Now Open for Virtual DiabetesEd Training Conference

Two Scholarships will be awarded for October 12-14th
Virtual DiabetesEd Training Conference

We are reviewing applications for the Diabetes Flower Scholarship. We are awarding TWO of these scholarships this fall, valued at $499 each. This scholarship is available due to the generous contribution of an anonymous colleague, friend, co-instructor, and mentor. The donor of this scholarship is generously providing funds to cover course registration for our Deluxe Virtual DiabetesEd Training Conference Registration, valued at $499 each. We will be announcing the recipients in a few weeks. Stay tuned.

Our donor worked as a Nurse Practitioner and Diabetes Specialist, serving her community, plus mentoring health care professionals about diabetes for over 30 years.

With the Flower Diabetes Educator Scholarship, she wants to keep investing in the health of our future by supporting future diabetes educators.

Her vision is to increase diversity in the diabetes education workforce by supporting diabetes nurse educators who come from under-served communities. By increasing the number of diabetes educators who represent the population demographics of those living with diabetes, we can make more meaningful connections on an individual and community level while promoting the best care.

Eligibility for Flower Scholarship

To be eligible for these scholarships, the U.S. health care professional is a diabetes nurse educator who comes from an under-served community and is providing care and education to communities that lack access to Diabetes Specialists and health care resources. Applicants will also be working toward certification (CDCES) within the next year and preference is given to those facing financial hardships that are interfering with their ability to pursue this dream.

Apply for Flower Scholarship Today – Attend Virtual Conference for FREE

  • TWO Flower Scholarships valued at $499 each will be awarded to two diabetes nurse educators who come from an under-served community and are providing care and education to communities that lack access to Diabetes Specialists and health care resources. The nurse applicants will be taking their CDCES exam within a year. The donor of this scholarship is generously providing funds to cover course registration for our Deluxe Virtual Training Conference Registration.

We don’t want financial barriers to stop anyone from attending this conference. In appreciation of those who are role models and advocates for practicing the best diabetes care in their communities, our donor is generously offering two Scholarships for our Deluxe Virtual Conference Registration.

Applications are now closed!

Flower Scholarship

The Flower Scholarship is a tribute to our donor’s last name, which translates to flower. The flower is a perfect symbol for this scholarship that aims to support the growth of novice diabetes educators into Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists.

Flowers are a symbol of hope and can be found growing in the most unexpected places, including harsh cities and forgotten spaces. With just a little sunlight and water, they have the ability to thrive in even the most difficult situations and shine their fierce beauty. Given a chance, as these flowers are tended to and nurtured, they grow stronger and brighter, spreading their beauty to new places to give people hope. These resilient flowering seeds perpetuate the opportunity for a future generation of diabetes specialists.

The goal of these scholarships is three-fold:

  1. To support U.S. health care professionals who are going above and beyond to improve diabetes care in their community; and
  2. To support applicants’ efforts to become a Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist (CDCES) and
  3. To provide financial assistance with the DiabetesEd Course registration fee.

Past Scholarship Recipients

The use of DES products do not guarantee successful passage of the CDCES exam. CBDCE does not endorse any preparatory or review materials for the CDCES exam, except for those published by CBDCE.”**To satisfy the requirement for renewal of certification by continuing education for the Certification Board for Diabetes Care & Education (CBDCE), continuing education activities must be applicable to diabetes and approved by a provider on the CBDCE List of Recognized Providers (www.ncbde.org). CBDCE does not approve continuing education. Diabetes Education Services is accredited/approved by the Commission of Dietetic Registration which is on the list of CBDCE Recognized Providers.”