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Thank you so much for the fabulous resources!  Your pocket cards have been a big help to me in my clinical practice and your flash cards and online webinars helped me to pass my CDE® exam 4 years ago.  I have also purchased a CEU bundle from you to help me renew my CDE licensure and I couldn’t be happier with the information presented and overall the presenter – you!  You have made such a big difference in my practice and how I communicate with my clients.

From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!

Terrah, RD, CDE®

Beverly – I PASSED! I even got an A!  I can unequivocally and most emphatically say that your course was the most helpful and was the most thorough in preparing me for this exam. Your vast experience and encouraging teaching style helped me not only pass the test, but to be a better educator. I am so proud to call you a colleague! I can’t tell you how excited I was after watching my first webinar in the Deluxe Bundle!  The way you organized them into categories like “squirters” and “satiators” really did it for me. You are a gifted teacher and I am grateful for your courses. I have already recommended them to several people. Thank you, and keep up the excellent work. Caryn, RN, CDE®

I purchased your online courses to prepare for my CDE®. Thanks to you I passed!!!! Initially I was studying by reading my AADE books and practicing test taking skills every night. I even took a 2-3 month online [course name omitted] (don’t think that helped much). My friend referred me to your website early on but I contemplated using your courses. Your CDE® courses had the greatest impact on my studying. After the first course I was hooked; Beverly’s presentations were engaging, super stimulating but most importantly she made sense.Your sessions put what I read into perspective. I spent the first few months reading the AADE Art & Science of DSM Book, primarily because I was new to diabetes. I just think that your classes helped me put it all together. I often referred back to the book when I didn’t understand a topic and continue to do so. I know in my heart I would have NEVER passed without your courses. Thank you!!!! Please continue to teach because I want to teach just like you one day. You are my mentor. Thanks, Blanca

Thank YOU Beverly.Although I’ve been a college nutrition-science instructor for the past few years, I just gave my first Diabetes 101 lecture to our rural local community.I purchased your Level 2 package to help me study for the CDE® exam and all I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you. It has really helped me – especially the medication lecture.You are a gem and now I think a little bit of your sparkle has rubbed off on me – I received a round of applause after my lecture… so now I am glowing, too.~ 🙂 Krista, MS, CNS (Certified Nutrition Specialist)

Beverly Thomassian is an excellent instructor. In-person seminars are available, but I used the online courses to prep for the CDE® exam Dec 2012 and they were fun and informative….and helped me pass the exam!  ~ Tamara, RN, CDE®, Certified Massage Therapist

Thanks, Beverly – the BC-ADM examination seemed to go fairly well, although quite demanding for someone as “young” as I am in the diabetes specialty.  I loved the process of preparing, however, and found it so helpful to be taken to a new level of knowledge and larger perspective through study of the material.  The more I learn, the more there is to learn – on into the future! Your website was/is a treasure of resources – and I have so appreciated your guidance through many of the topics, most recently the Getting to Goal in the Hospital webinar. Thanks again for all you do – such a blessing to us all. Cheers, ~ Jan

I just wanted to let you know that I think your courses are the best! I utilized several to prepare for my CDE® exam and I found the information to be just what I needed to fill in the blanks in my knowledge. I am happy to report that I was just notified today that I have passed the 2014 Spring CDE® exam!!I will continue to utilize your webinars for CEs and increasing my knowledge base.~ Judith, BSN, RN, CDE®

Hi Beverly,I took your bundle course last year to help prepare me for the spring 2014 (may/june) CDE® exam and I found out yesterday I passed!! I love how you simplify everything and just wanted to say thank you for all you do.~ Tiffany

Hi Beverly,I know we haven’t met but sure feels like it to me. I can still hear your voice in my head after going through the entire on-line CDE® prep course bundle, more that once in certain cases. The reason I am writing though, is to thank you for providing such a great review and study tool. Although I did read the entire DSME Desk reference prior to signing up for your on-line classes, I still found your review immensely healthful in getting me ready for the CDE® exam and giving me the confidence I needed. The even better news is that I took the exam a few days ago and I passed it. How great is that! I feel that I owe my success partly to you and so, share the good news and congratulate you on a job well done! I wouldn’t have done it without you.Thank youSpiros

Thank you thank you!!! Just got my passing score on the CDE® exam! last year I purchased other study guides and flash cards and failed the exam, twice. A coworker who knew my struggle, stumbled upon your website and showed me. After logging in and purchasing a few of your online courses, my excitement grew once again and I started to feel like maybe I actually could succeed. I became excited and logged daily to soak up information. Your teaching style was perfect for me. And I am addicted to your resources tab, where great articles and books can be found. It decided to retake the test and got my PASS today!!! So thank you!! I will recommend your course prep review anytime!! ~ Lori, CDE®

“As of November 1st I became a CDE®!!! I’m so thrilled to share that news with you!  I was not able to attend your workshops in person, but found your online classes more than helpful.  When I would review information I learned from your classes with my colleagues, there were times where I felt as if I was teaching them.  I learned a great deal from you and it was definitely the best method for me to learn.  I will continue to follow your site for new info. and future classes.  I will most certainly pass your website on to any one I know that it will benefit.  Thanks for being a knowledgeable and interesting mentor!! Most Grateful,” ~ Meg, RN, BSN, CDE®

“Just a note to thank you for your excellent education courses, completed in Switzerland, Germany and the USA that helped me pass the CDE® today! Yippee. Coming from an exercise physiology background was not easy. I had a ton to learn and digest that is outside my educational experience. I could hear Beverly’s voice in the background as I worked through the pattern insulin questions!Thanks for the great customer service and I’ll be back to keep the certification current. At our school of medicine we plan to develop a Diabetes Center and I am glad to be part of the team. I also plan to recommend to other ACSM certified exercise physiologists that they take your courses as a prep to a new world.”Best wishes, Mary, Ph.D., FACSM, RCEP Clinical Exercise Physiologist

“Beverly, I just wanted to let you know that I successfully took the CDE® exam last Friday. I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your great organization for all the help you have given me, as well as the diabetes community at large. I purchased the level one bundle, and it was a wonderful resource to me as I prepared for the exam. I will recommend it to my colleagues who have yet to take the exam.” ~ Sheri RN, CDE®!

“I just want to let you know that you have a great program . I will be getting my CEU from your organization. Keep doing a great job. Happy Thanksgiving  to you and your team.” ~ Veronica

“I wanted to let you know I passed my CDE® exam! Your workbook and test questions were an instrumental part of my success. I will refer fellow colleagues to your study guide as well as coursework.  Have a great weekend!”~ Kelsey, MS RD LDN CDE®

“I want to let you know your online program rocks! I’d say it is the best one out there!” ~ Marsha

“I just wanted you to know that I passed the CDE® on June 24th. I am so grateful for the Bundle that you created. It really helped me prepare for the exam.” ~ Joan, MSN, APRN, RN-BC, FNP-BC, CDE®

“….I wanted to let you know that I passed my CDE® exam and I am so grateful for the webinars you put together. I have to say that both my friend and I that did your webinars agreed on the fact that if it would have not been for the webinars we would have not passed the exam. You are great! You really made a difference and listening to you made me fall in love more with diabetes education. I want to be like you when I grow up! Thanks for all you do and may God bless you always!”With much affection, ~ Ona,  RN, BSN, CDE®, Care Manager

“Bev –  I just heard about you, and checked out your website.  I signed up for some cont. ed, and just finished the Diabetes, Vascular Disease and the Pathway of Insulin Resistance.  Just a huge thank you for addressing this.  I have searched website/articles to try to get a better understanding of the underlying pathophysiology behind insulin resistance, and have had a very difficult time finding good explanations.   You do an amazing job, and I learned so much in this session that is so applicable to helping clients, and to have in my reservoir when addressing their questions. I was so excited about it, I just wanted to tell you thank you!”~ Lori, RN, CDE®

“I got so much out of the workshop and it really got me fired up about becoming a CDE® in the future. I graduate this year in Dietetics, so it will be a little while, but I know it is what I’ll do. There are some key qualities that I like about you and the way you teach, and if you don’t mind, I will shower you with compliments now.Obviously, you have loads of experience and are an excellent critical thinker.  But, the other thing I love is your attitude.  You crack jokes, you ooze positivity, and you are fun.  I initially got connected with Theresa bc I had seen that she had that quality, and you clearly do as well.  It isn’t just that it is more fun for me, but for the patient and participants.  I think that if a pt. can laugh they will feel more comfortable and be more likely to open up.  They will feel less judged and be more open to change, no matter how big or small. I am hoping that once I become an RD and get some street cred, that I can add in a joke or two just like you and Theresa do. Good stuff.  Funny AND relevant.”~ Hanna

“Beverly, I took your online courses this past Spring and sat for the CDE® exam in May. I missed the passing score by 4 points. I sat for the exam again Monday and I passed!!! I used all your online materials as well as the AADE study guide that goes with the Art and Science of Diabetes text book. I studied the 2011 Diabetes Position paper as well as all my flash cards on ‘Squirters,’ ‘Slowers,’ ‘Suppressors,’ ‘Satiatiors,’ and ‘Sensitizers.’Thank you for you wonderful resources!”~ Laura, MS, RD, CDE® (just passed…couldn’t resist!) Senior Diabetes Clinical Manager

“This is really good.  I sweat it out trying to figure out these blood glucose patterns and how to tweak the insulin to help the patient, and  your lectures are great for this!  How I wish I could have taken your  courses before I started seeing patients for diabetes!” ~ Ella

“I currently am a Diabetes Program Coordinator and Educator for a large Health System. Your webinar on Preparing for the  CDE®  exam helped me focus on what a Diabetes Educator must do to help their patients succeed in Diabetes Self Management Training. All your helpful hints on looking for the stem words, reading the questions slowly, thoroughly, avoid distracters and being confident helped me to succeed.I also learned a lot from your other webinars: Setting up a Successful Diabetes Program, Meds for Type 2 and Insulin. Thanks for all you do in educating us to be the best we can be in diabetes.”~ Rita, RN, MPH,  CDE®

“The Webinars were instrumental in not only helping me to pass the CDE® exam but also in helping me to really understand the pathophysiology of diabetes and how diabetes medications affect my patients. I will be recommending the Webinar option to colleagues who want to learn more about diabetes and to those planning to take the CDE® exam. Thank you!”~ Paige S., RD

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your staff for the wonderful educational courses you provide on the internet. In December of 2010, I took the CDE® exam and did not pass it. I recently took the exam again after taking your CDE® preparation course package. The information was clear concise and I learned a great deal. On May 9, 2011 I passed the exam and felt much more confident taking the exam. I hope to take additional courses provided by you in the near future. I highly recommend you and your work. Thank you very much!!”~ Lynn N., RD LDN CDE® (P.S. My husband thanks you too he said he would not of known what to do with me if I did not pass.)

“Just wanted to let you know that I did pass the CDE® exam. It was a happy, happy day! Could not have done it without you. Thanks for all you do.”~ Mary Ann, RD, LD and now CDE®!

The study guide and online practice test I ordered from you helped me ace my CDE® exam.~ Judy, CDE®

“I passed my exam on May 18th and I give so much thanks to you and your online programs! I have so wanted to do this next step in my career. I am not sure if I would have passed without being smart and using your programs and your recommendations. I have and will continue to recommend as an excellent source.Thanks again!!!”~ Madeline, BSN, CDE®

Comments from Online Course Evaluations:

  • “Thanks for a great review”
  • “I’m so grateful to have an online course”
  • “Great program… love to hear common ways that presenter speaks and explains”
  • “Your case studies were very good”
  • “The Webinars are fantastic!”
  • “This was extremely helpful to me on types of insulin and how to dose insulin”
  • “Continue your excellent service”
  • “Information was great”

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