Exercise Resources

Physical Activity Guidelines  2016 –  Position Statement from the American Diabetes Association

Resistance Training with Free Weights Patient Handout Excellent resource that uses images and words to describe how to use free weights and exercise all major muscle groups. A publication of the Canadian Diabetes Association.

Resistance Training Using Bands – Patient Handout – Demonstrates through pictures and descriptions how to work all major muscle groups using bands and resistance training. Published by the Canadian Diabetes Association.

Diabetes Video of Flash Mob to “Beat It” by Michael Jackson. Get Ready for World Diabetes Day, Nov 14. It’s easy and fun! Teach your colleagues, get your patients up and moving. Let’s “Beat Diabetes” together – Step-by-Step Instructions – click here»

Exercise and Type 2 Diabetes American College of Sports Medicine /American Diabetes Association joint position statement on exercise and type 2 diabetes.

Video by Glucosezone Best total body workout for type 2 diabetes

Benefits Of Exercise For Older Adults, According To Experts – A resource that explains why it is beneficial physically and mentally to incorporate exercise into your life, especially as you get older

Sit and Be Fit – Mary Ann Wilson, RN, demonstrates how to effectively exercise while sitting down through videos, You-tube an her TV show.

Go 4 Life – a NIH website that celebrates active aging through exercise.

Darebee.com – fitness-at-home website that contains training challenges at a more advanced level.

Diabetes Breakthrough by Osama Hammy M.D., Ph.D. and Sheri Colberg Ph.D.(book)

Local YMCA (resistance training classes: offered only in some locations)

Workout Motivation for Tips 2017 –  Put together by 100+ fitness experts

How much exercise do college students need? Learn more about staying fit on campus