Attendee Testimonials

Thankful to have been blessed to be your student. Your energy and joy are transparent through the whole day. You have been by far the best teacher I’ve met who knew how to simplify a difficult lesson and yet be factual and have references at the same time. You were sensitive and prepared to address those moments when we were falling asleep. 

Ruth D., Orange County Health Care Agency

Thank you so much for an exciting, invigorating session.  It exceeded my expectations.  Can’t wait until our paths cross again and I really appreciate all of the great resources!  Positive thoughts!

Marcelle, MPH, MS, MBA Rite Aid Health Alliance Program

I absolutely LOVED your training.  I feel so much more intelligent and ready to do great diabetes education, than before. Your teaching style, and fashion sense, are just the greatest!  Thanks for coming to OC and sharing your knowledge and passion with us!

Deborah, RN, PHN, CLE, Public Health Nursing Division, Orange County Health Care Agency

I was in your seminar yesterday… you rock! I think this is the first time I have gone to a DM workshop where I learned new information and didn’t want to take a nap.

You are a breath of fresh air. Many thanks.

Carol MS,RD, Outpatient Nutrition Services, San Francisco General Hospital

Everyone was raving about your lecture today.  From the Medical Director, students, Dr. Gibbs to the MA’s!  We can’t thank you enough for your creative, informative presentation.  I have a feeling we’ll bring you back again next year!….

Kate, Clinical Director, Hampton Health, Ltd., San Francisco

Mahalo for an inspiring teaching/talk story/conference last week on Oahu. Your motivation in patient diabetes education keeps me motivated to do more. I’ve been doing patient education/support for 15 years on Molokai and I always walk away from your “talks” learning and wanting to learn more (I also attended your conference at Queens Medical Center a few years back). Your newsletter and teaching tools are great. Keep it up!

Hui Hou (meet/repeat again), Donna

Bev did a superb job of holding attention entire thing….plus the continued pearls of practical application approaches and “case studies”. Bev’s upbeat approach through entire day…and using so many teaching/learning approaches—awesome!

Thank you again for a wonderful presentation – you are an outstanding teacher and a “heartful nurse.”

Pat B. BSN, MA, BC
Clinical Education Department
Torrance Memorial Medical Center

So much info–love her enthusiasm, jokes, life experiences, & pointers. Come back!

Thanks for providing such a great program. Many participants said it was the best class they ever attended.

Sherry, Stanford University Hospital, CA

Bev’s passion and enthusiasm gives me renewed energy to share information with our members.

The program was excellent. It was very informative and the instructor was knowledgeable, dynamic and FUN.

Patsy, RD Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital

I really enjoyed the visual aides along with Beverly’s enthusiasm, passion and awesome humor. Her emphasis on compassionate and curious teaching vs judgmental teaching was really appreciated.

Lois, RN – Huntington, CA

What I liked best about this class is that the instructor was very enthusiastic and clear about diabetes education.

Lorena, RD – Arcadia, CA

I was pleasantly surprised how well (and painlessly) a lot of info was provided. The speaker was excellent and held the interest of a large group using realistic case studies. Great class! Thank you.

Luis, RN Oakland, CA

I loved the instructor’s personality, teaching props, slides and enthusiasm.  Very knowledgeable, effective teaching tone of voice, credible and excellent medication pocketcards.

Valerie, RN  San Francisco, CA

Great speaker, one of the best in diabetic field.

Very effective subject matter; very effective presentation!

Great instructor; very good communicator.

Excellent course – very engaging and informative.

Presenter’s teaching style was very engaging; physical activity/movement was helpful.

Thank you so much!  Love a lot!  You inspired me to start more pre-DM classes and start addressing it. Thanks!

Fun, pt centered, practical applicable info, and well researched. Thank you Kaiser!

Facilitator was very knowledgeable and passionate about diabetes. Able to keep me engaged in subject through the entire day.

Love your enthusiasm!

Very fun class. Instructor was great!!!

She’s AMAZING! I am so impressed by her knowledge and teaching styles.  I’ve learned so much!  Thank you Kaiser for hosting this seminar. I truly appreciate it!

Please host more of such informative education!

Beverly was so smart, energetic, and uplifting.  * Love the dancing!  * Beverly Thomassian is the Best of the Best!!

Very effective, beneficial & enjoyable presentation.

Teacher was knowledgeable and enthusiastic.


Simple, straight-forward, great explanations and visuals.

Loved your energy and examples to relate and connect with pts. 🙂 Thanks for teaching us to dance, super fun!

Beverly has a great combination of expertise, teaching tools, warmth and enthusiasm. Very effective teacher.

Exciting speaker. Up-to-date, evidence-based material.

Teaching style engaging and seminar was very informational. I feel more comfortable talking to pts. re: DM.

Students – Kaiser Oakland

“No words could better describe what your Diabetes Ed Course has meant to me in those 3 days…I want to thank you (and the other presenters) for all you have taught me in the diabetes field.  The knowledge and wisdom you have imparted upon me has been a great help and support to further my career.  You and your team, have inspired me to pursue my goals with hard work and dedication.  You all have shown me the value of honesty, sincerity and trust as a CDCES.  It truly has been an unparalleled pleasure and honor to have met you!  I appreciate and value everything I have learned from you.  It will forever remain a major contributor behind my success and achievements.  I am a better dietitian, educator…and person, because of what you all have taught me and how you continue to enrich my life…I really look forward to the day I can do the same for someone else.  I will cherish the great memories with joy everyday.  Although I pray to never need your services again, I will recommend you and your diabetes services in the highest regards to anyone who may!!!  I wish there was something more profound than “thank you” to say, but THANK YOU!!!”  ~

Tracy, RD, CD

“No words can appropriately commend the great job you are doing in the field of diabetes management. Your grace as you give all those detailed and well-organized lectures has made it fun for us as aspirants into this high-in-demand field! You have given us the boldness to come on board! Keep up the good job as you continue to touch generations ahead!”~


“Thanks! Just wanted you to know I have passed on your contact information to several of the women I attended the AADE Core Concepts Course in San Antonio with…… including praise for your insight into diabetes, your considerable support and comprehensive resources for practitioners.  I hope they enjoy you and appreciate your offerings as much as I have.Namaste.” ~


“The Diabetes Educator Seminar last year remains one of the best seminars I’ve been to in years. I’ve been a CDCES since 1999 but I learned SO much!! Colleagues in the Central Valley have all been encouraged to take your course since I enjoyed it so much.Thank you again and keep up the good work!!!” ~

LaNora C, MSN, RN, FNP, CDCES Advanced Practice Nurse, Diabetes Services & Nursing Research Kaweah Delta Health Care Dist.

“Just wanted to say thanks for such a great talk on Monday. Before this lecture I think I had Diabetes Educator burnout! But your review and enthusiasm is just what I needed. You are such a great educator and an inspiration for me, your clients are lucky to have you! :)” ~

Ruth S. Pupo, RD, CDCES Diabetes Educator East Los Angeles Center for Diabetes White Memorial Medical Center

“Thanks for the December Newsletter. I also want to personally thank you for helping me pass my CDCES exam. I tried a couple of times to pass the test, but I was met with barriers in taking standardized testing on-line. I have been a nurse for over 27 years and always had a passion for educating diabetics and healthcare providers on glycemic management in the hospitalized patients.”I currently am a Diabetes Program Coordinator and Educator for a large Health System. Your webinar on “Preparing for the CDCES exam” helped me focus on what a Diabetes Educator must do to help their patients succeed in Diabetes Self Management Training. All your helpful hints; looking for the stem words, reading the questions slowly and thoroughly, avoid distractors and being confident helped me to succeed.I also learned a lot from your other webinars: Setting up a Successful Diabetes Program, Meds for Type 2 and Insulin.Thanks for all you do in educating us to be the best we can be in diabetes.” ~


“Thank you so much for the awesome conference in San Diego in September!!! It was my first time west of the Mississippi! It was also hands down the best conference I’ve ever been to!! I had a funny story I wanted to share with you… (I think only other people like us will think it is funny!)On Saturday morning, I was soooo tired and I decided to order room service. As I was browsing through the menu, I came to a particular menu item and had to do a double take and then I just burst out laughing!! The ACTUAL menu item said “Good ole’ Pancakes” but when I was first reading it I swore that it said “Good ole’ Pancreas!!” I thought you might get a laugh out of that. I’ve told everybody about it and they don’t think it is nearly as funny as I did!! “ ~


“I had to share my great news with you. I just received notification that I passed my CDCES® exam! I am so excited about it. I am so grateful that I attended your program. I was so concerned about the medications and BG values, types of DM, etc. Your seminar really changed the focus of my studies. The exam focused on exactly what your program presented-focusing on the individual, not the dx.I can’t tell you enough how wonderful your program is and how it shows that every one of the instructors involved is committed to this cause.Many, many thanks and much continued success with your seminar.

Maria L, RN, CDCES San Jose, CA

Good Morning Beverly,”I would like to thank you for such a great weekend seminar.  You are such a great speaker; both exciting to listen to and effective in getting the message across.  Your passion for diabetes really shines through.”

Jeannette, RD

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