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A Humanistic Approach to Diabetes Education

1 in 10 Americans are living with diabetes. More than ever, there is an urgent need for health care professionals to understand the significance of this mounting epidemic.  Yet, busy health care professionals may find it hard to keep up with the latest advances in diabetes care. In addition, many health care professionals may feel frustrated with patients who seem to ignore health advice and let their diabetes spiral out of control.

There is good news, Beverly gets it—and she knows how to translate the complex world of diabetes into understandable terms. Her courses inspire attendees to make real changes in their work setting. She addresses strategies on how to light the fire of motivation with patients who seem stuck with their diabetes.

Beverly knows that the patient is at the center of diabetes care

As a nurse, diabetes educator and speaker for more than 20 years, Beverly has accumulated valuable knowledge about diabetes from around the country. From her experience as an Inpatient Diabetes Specialist at Stanford Hospital to setting up Recognized Outpatient Diabetes programs, she not only understands the pathophysiology of diabetes, she understands the information health care professionals need to improve outcomes and quality of care.

Beverly style is Practical, Engaging and Fun

As an national speaker at over 300 different venues, Beverly Thomassian has developed a special knack of translating complex diabetes information into understandable terms that can be immediately applied in the clinical setting. Her philosophy is that learning about diabetes should be meaningful and fun.

Beverly’s Diabetes in the 21st Century and Keynote Presentations combine cutting edge science with games, case studies and real life application.

Course participants leave feeling re-energized and excited about diabetes education.  

Watch Television Interview » Moments before she went on air, the interviewer told her that her segment was slotted for 3 minutes, versus the 10 minutes she had planned on; but Beverly managed to keep her cool and even found time to demo her pancreas and diabetes sphere. 

Why hire Beverly to speak on diabetes at your facility?

  • She has a proven track record of success (see evaluations and testimonials-advanced-diabetes-workshop below)
  • Hiring Beverly demonstrates your commitment to excellence in diabetes care
  • Beverly empowers attendees to participate in improving the care and outcomes of patients with diabetes.
  • She is passionate, informed and professional. Review her Curriculum Vitae  » Review a recent summary of evaluations from Beverly’s seminar Read attendee testimonials-advanced-diabetes-workshop

Seminars and Topics

All Day Seminar:

Keynote presentations (topic ideas include):

  • New Horizons in Diabetes – Looking into the future of preventing Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes
  • Medications for Type 2 Diabetes – Making sense of the Ominous Octet
  • Vascular Disease and Diabetes
  • Cancer and Diabetes – the Unexpected Link
  • Insulin and Pattern Management – Unlocking the Mystery

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