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Join the wonderment as we explore the role of our Microbiome. This one hour journey will expand your view of how trillions of bacterial hitchhikers profoundly influence our health. We will discuss how the environment and our medical practices have impacted our gut bacteria over time and strategies we can take to protect these old friends. Join us!

  1. Discuss current research in the importance keeping our microbiome in balance.
  2. Describe 3 strategies to get our microbiome back to better health.
  3. Discuss the integration of diabetes prevention and optimizing the gut microbiome.
  4. Diabetes Video of Flash Mob to “Beat It” by Michael Jackson. Get Ready for World Diabetes Day, Nov 14. It’s easy and fun! Teach your colleagues, get your patients up and moving. Let’s “Beat Diabetes” together – Step-by-Step Instructions – click here»

Feedback from a recent participant: This Webinar New Horizons is filled with Bev’s energy, knowledge, and passion for diabetes that she replicates in all her teachings. She puts a demand on herself to be a mentor to all. Her information is well organized, full of current/relevant research, and helps CDE®’s * view into future as a changing world impacts diabetics. I find her to be the most exciting and engaging educator and … OUTSTANDING teacher!!

Tonline-course-icon150824his webcast is completely free and we love sharing this exciting info with you.  However, if you would like CEs you can purchase the individual course or as part of a series.

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Articles and Resources for New Horizons & Gut Microbiome Presentations

  • Breastfeeding and Diabetes – Current Diabetes Review 2011 – breastfeeding could be considered a modifiable risk factor for the development of diabetes and even a potential protective lifestyle measure from future cardio-metabolic and malignant diseases. Therefore, health care professionals should encourage both women with and without diabetes to breastfeed their children.
  • Association of Antibiotics in Infancy With Early Childhood Obesity -JAMA Pediatrics – 2014. Repeated exposure to broad-spectrum antibiotics at ages 0 to 23 months is associated with early childhood obesity.

  • Obesity, Diabetes, and Gut Microbiota – The hygiene hypothesis expanded? Diabetes Care 2014 The importance of a “healthy” lifestyle in its broader sense—including breast lactation, a healthy diet, avoiding excessive fat, appropriate antibiotic use—cannot be overemphasized and may ensure a friendly gut microbiota, positively affecting metabolic outcomes.

  • Missing Microbes – a list of articles and books by Martin J. Blaser, MD, director of the Human Microbiome Program at NYU.

Additional Resource Articles


TrialNet » learn more about the natural history trials and intervetion studies for Type 1 TrialNet – Refer a Patient Link »

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