Happy Diabetes Month – Toolkits and Resources

November is our opportunity to get the word out about diabetes.
It provides the space to:

  • Raise awareness about risk factors and actions to prevent diabetes.
  • Promote compassionate care to those living with diabetes.
  • Provide messages of hope for those living with prediabetes and diabetes. 

November is also a time to thank our amazing community of Diabetes Educators.

Your everyday actions make a world of difference in each life you touch.
Your dedication to improving diabetes care in your clinics, hospitals, schools, communities and for your fellow humans is deeply appreciated. 

Resources for National Diabetes Month and World Diabetes Day

American Diabetes Association – Resource Page for Diabetes Month that includes videos and emotionally thoughtful information

World Diabetes Day Toolkit – Diabetes Concerns Every Family.  This link goes to the International Diabetes Federation website with resources to share.

National Diabetes Education Program Toolkit – Special focus on women after gestational diabetes. Includes handouts and social media resources to get the word out.

National Diabetes Education Program Printable Flyer to get the word out about Post Pregnancy Steps to prevent future diabetes.


Diabetes Flash Mob Steps and Video – Celebrate World Diabetes Day on November 14th with this fun dance to Beat It by Michael Jackson.

American Diabetes Association Risk Test – encourage staff and community members to take the electronic version or the paper test to determine risk of future diabetes

Holiday Survival Guide – A very popular resource that provides 10 Steps to Survive the Holidays

Hypoglycemia and Hyperglycemia Patient Education Teaching Sheet » This handout is one of my favorites. Cartoon characters depict the signs and symptoms of low and high blood sugars and then detail steps to take.

Banting and Best Historical Slides – This blog byte describes the discovery of insulin and includes photos that tell the story best

To celebrate World Diabetes Day and Dr. Banting’s Birthday, we invite you to attend:

Getting to the Gut, Meet Your Microbiome – FREE Live Webinar Update November 14th, 2018 at 11:30 PST

New content and exciting research findings!

Join the wonderment as we explore the role of our Microbiome.

This one-hour complimentary journey will expand your view of how trillions of bacterial hitchhikers profoundly influence our health. We will discuss how foods, the environment and our medical practices have impacted our gut bacteria over time and strategies we can take to protect these old friends. Join us!

Webinar topics:

  • Discuss the latest research on our microbiome
  • State the relationship between gut health and diabetes risk
  • Describe 3 strategies to get our microbiome back to better health.

Join us Live! Nov 14th, 2018 at 11:30 a.m. PST



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