Breastfeeding lowers diabetes risk for mothers

“There could be greater health benefits for women from breastfeeding than previously recognized,” said lead study author Erica Gunderson of the Kaiser Permanente Division of Research in Oakland, California.

Compared to women who didn’t breastfeed at all, mothers who nursed babies for at least six months were 48 percent less likely to develop diabetes.

Rates of breastfeeding are on the rise.  More than 75% of women initiate breastfeeding and by one year 25% are still breastfeeding. There are many wonderful benefits linked to breastfeeding, lowering the risk of allergies, obesity, respiratory infections and now diabetes! 

In spite of the benefits of breastfeeding, some women may face barriers to success, including lack of social support, lack of paid leave and lack of onsite childcare. Since breastfeeding provides a tremendous benefit for the child, mom and society, we want to keep encouraging women to breastfeed and create environments that support success.

“Longer breastfeeding tied to lower diabetes risk for mothers” – Lisa Rapaport for Reuters Health

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