Missed-diagnosis Leaves Prediabetes Untreated

The Journal of General Internal Medicine recently surveyed nearly 300 physicians, and the findings were alarming.

Their research suggests approximately 25% of all physicians misdiagnose people who have diabetes with prediabetes instead.

Additionally, the average provider didn’t know 33% of the risk factors for prediabetes, were unfamiliar with prevention or management of the condition, and generally under-screened for it.

Only 42% of the physicians knew the correct fasting A1c to diagnose prediabetes.

Researchers from John Hopkins University recommend providing physicians with better knowledge on diabetes prevention and for insurance to cover plans that help better diagnose and treat prediabetes.

The hope is these two strategies will help with more accurate screening and earlier intervention to avoid development and progression of type 2 which can lead to kidney failure, heart disease, or stroke. Read the full study and statistics here.

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