Smart Insulin Pen Delivers for All Ages

The InPen smartpen, by Companian Medical, is now FDA approved for all ages!

The Inpen is a reusable battery-powered insulin pen that uses insulin cartridges. It is approved for use with three different insulins; Novolog, Humalog, and Fiasp. It can deliver insulin in half-unit doses plus it monitors insulin temperature. The battery lasts for a year and requires no charging.

“We are excited that we can help younger children and even more parents navigate the challenges associated with Type 1 diabetes. Now anyone can safely use InPen to help make decisions around insulin dosing, no matter what their age,”

Sean Saint, CEO and co-founder of Companion Medical.

What makes the InPen so unique?

In addition to all these features, the InPen Bluetooth enabled software allows users to connect to a FREE app on their Apple iOS or Android mobile device to track and share insulin dosing and glucose levels.

New users enter their insulin to carb ratios and insulin sensitivity along with target glucose into the app settings. Based on that data, the software helps to calculate the insulin dose needed and alerts users to insulin on board to prevent stacking (which can help reduce hypoglycemia.)

People can use Inpen in combination with CGM or traditional glucose monitoring and reports can be shared with providers and caretakers

Here is what InPen users can track on the app dashboard:

  • Active insulin
  • Insulin dose reminders
  • Personalized insulin dose based on current blood glucose, carbs to be consumed, and insulin on board.
  • Automatically logs insulin dose delivered
  • Syncs with CGM and glucose meter.

The InPen requires a prescription and is covered by many insurance companies in the United States. Most InPen users pay a $35 copay. Companion Medical has a co-pay assistance program for people without insurance coverage – more info here.

As a Diabetes Specialist, I am excited to share information on these new and emerging options to deliver insulin therapy that reduce the burden of diabetes self-management and improve connections to caregivers and providers.

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