Important Update for MiniMed™ 600 Series Pumps | Mindful Monday

Medtronic released an update last week for its MiniMed 600 series pumps that we wanted to share with you.

You may remember our recent Blog Byte covering Medtronic’s MiniMed 600 Series Class I recall due to the two model’s pumps’ reservoir retainer rings being broken or missing. These issues resulted in an over or under-delivery of insulin. The pump models are:

  • MiniMed™ 630G insulin pump – MMT-1715
  • MiniMed™ 670G insulin pump – MMT-1780

MiniMed has made important changes to the 600 series pumps to address this issue. See Medtronic’s full update.

Minimed’s updated info also includes helpful photos and detailed information to identify potential issues with the pumps and who to contact if issues are found. They also stress the importance of careful inspection of pump retainer ring on a regular basis.

Steps to identify potential issues (excerpted from Medtronic update)

  1. Examine retainer ring
  2. “If the reservoir does not lock into the pump or the retainer ring is loose, damaged or missing, discontinue using the insulin pump and revert to a back-up plan of manual insulin injections per healthcare provider’s recommendations. DO NOT insert the reservoir back into your pump while connected because you could mistakenly give yourself a large insulin bolus. If the reservoir is broken, contact Medtronic (info. below).
  3. “If your reservoir properly locks in place by the retainer ring, continue to use your pump. Remember to always follow the Instructions for Use on how to correctly insert the reservoir.”
  4. Routinely repeat this check, especially during every pump change.

Contact Information

Customers who have found an issue with their pump or who need additional information or support should call the 24-hour Medtronic Technical Support at 877-585-0166 or visit their website by clicking here.

For more information, please see Medtronic’s full update.

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