Making the Most of the DiabetesEd Specialist Course

Have you decided to make the investment in your future and attend the live course with Coach Beverly & Team to prepare for the CDCES (formerly known as CDE) or BC-ADM? We’ve laid out in 7 easy steps how to make the most of our excellent live seminars.

Before diving into those, please take our pre-course survey so our speakers can make this the best learning experience possible! We customize the program based on the pre-course survey results:

1: Email Your COVID-19 Vaccine Card

To make sure everyone is safe, the hotel and California regulations require that: All conference attendees must show proof of COVID-19 vaccination (see details by clicking here). Please email a copy of your vaccine card to

2: Preparing for the CDCES or BC-ADM?

We have free webinars that will teach you how to focus your time and prepare to take certification exams. These webinars review eligibility requirements, test-taking tips, and strategies to succeed. This is also an excellent first step towards conquering test anxiety and setting the foundation for calm self-confidence and readiness.

3: Download our CDCES Coach App

Many of our students find it much easier to use the Coach App to find Standards of Care, Pocket Cards, and other popular features. More importantly, we dedicate an entire section of the app to our “Diabetes Ed course Attendees” so that you can easily access all the resources we feel you’ll want or need to supplement the three-day intensive.

4: Access Your Online Courses

Our three-day Diabetes Educator Course is always paired with online courses to supplement your CEs and to help prepare you for the exam! After registering for the Diabetes Educator Course, you will receive a couple of emails: one to confirm your purchase of registration and one to welcome you to our Online University.

We have an Online University Orientation to help you navigate these courses and also to help with common questions such as how to log in, access videos and handouts, and how to see test scores.

To make the most out of the Diabetes Educator Course, we recommend logging in and taking the two tests in the Test Taking Toolkit before you attend the course to gauge particular study areas you may want to focus on. It will also help you to see a before and after test result!

5: Come Well-Rested with Layers

We’ll be going at a fast pace at the Diabetes Educator Course because there is a lot of material to cover which is all important for clinical practice and the exam. We recommend coming well-rested and ready to study. We provide coffee, tea, a syllabus with slide printouts and note-taking space, and a pen so you have everything you need to stay focused.

In a room of over 100 people, temperature can be tricky, so we recommend bringing layers! Since we do movement breaks and encourage walking and choose hotels with great walking paths, we also recommend wearing comfortable shoes. There will be plenty of opportunities to network and share information, so bring business cards too.

6: Take Advantage of the Walking & Movement Breaks

We understand it’s easy to get overloaded with information and we know the best strategies for retention. This is why we incorporate movement breaks, to give your brain a break and give it a jolt of energy from a fun activity. You can volunteer to lead one of these movement breaks to help you and your fellow students keep focused and ready to learn. Volunteers receive a thank you gift at the course!

Use the morning, lunch, and afternoon breaks to walk around, decompress, or socialize, so that once you’re back in the room, you’re ready to keep studying.

7: Schedule Flights or Travel Accordingly

We make sure we publish our schedule well in advance, but in general you can count on Wednesday and Thursday being from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Friday being from 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. (it may end sooner, depending on the program, but 3 p.m. is the safest bet). While we can alter certificates to reflect actual hours spent at the course if you must leave early, it’s so beneficial to stay to the end!

We can’t wait to see you there!